Amazon echo dot review

Amazon echo dot review (3rd generation): Improved Alexa, sound quality

Quick Verdict on Amazon Echo Dot-3rd Generation

Amazon echo dot 3rd Generation is a small device but it has surprising services in the world of Smart Home along with providing quality audio. With the changes in the features, there little change in price range of this device. It is best choice to place all around home to many users.

               Pros               Cons
  • Loud and clear audio
  • Improved Design
  • Little changes in prices with latest features up gradation
  • Easy Alexa setup and integration
  • Small and fabric design
  • May not be ideal for enjoying music
  • Auxiliary cable not supported

About Amazon Echo Dot- 3rd Generation

Recently, Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation has been one of the best choices to control you home and to fulfill your home with your desired Alexa Devices. In the last two versions, there were two noticeable issues addressing its size and its little ugly design.

With the improvements of these issues in the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation, Amazon has made this device to control home and enjoy music on it the almost standard level.

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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review- Price and Competition

With the changes of features in the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation, there are no noticeable changes in the prices of the devices launched earlier. In the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation, there have been improvements in several sections. This device is available at cheap price of £49.99/$49.99. The previous versions are also available at this price range.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review- Built Quality and Design

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The old version of Amazon Echo Dot was in the plastic case but the recent launched version is covered with textured material case that has an incredible design and protection. It helps appearing at the closer to the Google Home Mini. This device comes in three colour such as Sandstone, Grey and Charcoal. All these colours are attractive to the users. So, there is an opportunity to choose favorite colored device that suits the user’s home.

There are no changes noticed in placing the volume buttons, mic mute button for stopping Alexa. These all are placed on the top as on the previous versions. Amazon thinks this the perfect place to set them up to make a unique and attractive design of the device.

There is a big change in respect of powering Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation. Amazon has not keep the system of USB-Powered any longer in order to provide the appropriate power to the device because this new device needs little more power than the previous versions. There is no opportunity of connecting the device via handy USB Port at the back of the TV. The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation comes with the 3.5mm headphone jack with its back via which you can be able to connect a stereo for louder speaker.

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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review- Existing and Upgraded Features

The new Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation comes with all the features those were available on the previous Amazon-Powered Smart speakers. Alexa is very easy to setup on this device and it works almost perfect on this device. If you command Alexa for some inquaries such as weather update, TV shows update etc, Alexa can help you in this respect. With the help of Alexa, you can control your total home in which are there are many products supported by Alexa. You should just command to do anything with these products; it will do getting your request.

You can switch on the fan, light, TV or other supported products and it can also be able to switch them off. Even you can create a routine for these products to work based on the given time frame. With the purpose of smart home control, Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation is considered to be the best choice as this device is cheaper and can be placed anywhere you want even in bed room or kitchen.

It takes comparatively little place to sit on. In this device, there has been used the four far-field microphones to accept the commands from any angle of the room. It is much developed in comparison of the previous generation Amazon Echo.

Once I placed Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation close to a TV by turning it on and keeping the regular volume that can be cause the disturbance for many smart echo devices to hear my voice command. Honestly saying, Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation performed well in comparison with the devices of previous versions. Its responding time was superb and perfect.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review- Audio Quality

The sound quality of the previous versions of the Amazon Echo was good enough for clear response but it was not able to play audio to give you pleasure. Later on, Amazon has given a lot of emphasizes on the sound quality on Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation and it has been able to improve this device with greater sound quality. Now it works well.

The users who are new in using this device seem to have louder sound in comparison with other previous versions. Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation provides you sharper and clear sound experience in presenting weather headlines, response of Alexa and even during the voice calls between the two Echo Dots. The sound is clear and almost perfect. With the up gradation, Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation produces mush clear sound and it is welcome. You can also improve sound quality by adding stereo speakers.

Though the size of the speaker is 1.6inch with Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation, the overall sound quality is better than the previous versions. But one thing is to clarify that the music sound is not as like as the external speakers of a phone.

Final Verdict

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation is one of the best choices to the people are tending to use for better performance. It comes with better sound quality, great response of Alexa etc. In comparison with other devices in this price range, Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation can be pretty better choice.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation is better than the previous versions of the Amazon Echo even the Google Home Mini in respect sound quality of calls and audio playback. When you are interested to hear music on this device for a longer time, you can be able to connect external speakers to make the sound enjoyable.


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