Amazon echo Plus Review: improved Alexa and Temperature sensor

Amazon echo Plus Review: improved Alexa and Temperature sensor

Quick Verdict on Amazon Echo Plus

The new Amazon Echo Plus comes with attractive design and much improved audio quality. It has been designed removing edges in both sides. Its main design being a little same as its original versions it has a new looks and improved home controls. The following Amazon Echo Plus review will help you to decide whether to decide.

            Pros                Cons
  • Great sound quality within this price ranges
  • Eco-friendly Alexa
  • Stereo-Pairing features
  • Improved smart Home control
  • Temperature sensor feature added
  • Improved sound quality
  • Some cracks in Alexa App
  • Struggles with the commands with fire TV

Amazon Echo Plus Review- competition and price

The new Amazon Echo can be available at the prices of £199.99/ $149.99. There are some improvements in the new Amazon Echo Plus than the previous models available. Most of the changes happen in its hardware and features leading to make the device attractive to the users.

There are some other products such as Sonos One, Apple Home Pod etc which are made with the same purpose. Amazon Echo Plus is much cheaper than these devices.

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Amazon Echo Plus Review- Design

The new Amazon Echo comes with a unique design that has been made with an attractive fabric mess. The previous Amazon Echo was designed with speaker grills, much tall and also industrial design. The new design with the fabric mess is much more attractive to the users to place anywhere with the purpose of the home control.

There are some buttons to operate the device. It has two buttons placed on the top face of the device to control the speakers, a button used for creating actions for the Alexa attention along with a button to mute the sound there. There is amazing upgraded feature you will find that is the blue LED ring light usually flashes at the time you ask Alexa and it speaks to answer you. At the back, there is a 3.5mm jack that allows you to add external speakers to have greater sounds.

It allows you to connect to a headphone. The new Amazon Echo Plus is smaller in size as 148x99x99mm that is smaller than the other devices of older versions having the dimensions of 235x84x84mm. So, the overall design of new Amazon Echo Plus is more impressive than the previous versions.

The people planning to buy this product will be attracted to this product at the first sight because it has changed the overall design of the device including size, case, and positions of buttons which are important to feel comfort in using the device for home control.

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Amazon Echo Plus Review- Sound Quality

The most noticeable change in the features with Amazon Echo Plus is the improvement of sound quality among the Amazon echo ranges. This device now hits in respect of the sound quality having a Dolby Audio along with slightly larger 3.0inch neodymium subwoofer. Bass has been improved to great extent.

It is almost perfect for Alexa and playing music for longer time.At the time of hearing weather podcasts, Radio etc, the sounds provides almost natural voices. In comparison with other Amazon echo, Amazon Echo Plus provides much impressive sound quality with this price ranges.

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Amazon Echo Plus Review- Performance

If you are planning to buy Amazon Echo Plus, what will be the most attractive to you is Alexa home Assistant which allows a lot of smart home devices to make your daily life easier and more comfortable. Amazon Echo Plus comes with feature voice picking up having 7 microphones with this purpose. There have been set these microphones to pick up the voices even from any noisy situations.

It is one of the most important features of Amazon Echo plus to pick up the voice command from any noisy environments perfectly and answer the users in more appropriate ways. It has also the smart capability of connecting to other home devices, playing music, presenting news, weather podcasts etc perfectly.

There has been a new feature in respect audio that enables the stereo pairing between two echo plus speakers to make the sound more natural and impressive. Newly added Echo sub can also improve the bass of audio to make the sound enjoyable. Another incredible change in the Amazon Echo Plus is the temperature sensor that can help you to monitor the temperature of the room on smartphones using Alexa smartphone app that can be available on smartphones just by asking Alexa.

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Amazon Echo Plus Review- Smart functionality

The functionality of Amazon Echo Plus is amazing. It suits almost all the echo supported home devices. You can control bulb, TV, thermostats etc by using Alexa apps on smartphones and by commanding in exact voice to control all the home device even whether to turn or turn off.

The demand of Amazon Echo Plus is increasing in the market and it can be said that people are being more interested to this device as there is opportunities of using Alexa to connect and control the whole room.  Besides, with the perfect functionality of the device, there has been noticed a growing demands of Alexa supported home devices.

Final Verdict

The new Amazon Echo Plus comes with the enhanced audio quality, echo speakers pairing, temperature sensor and also stunning design. Being the in the market, Amazon Echo Plus is the best choice to the people to help them get comfortable in their room in controlling the home devices.

When you feel that echo plus are not giving desired sound quality, you can be able to connect external speakers to make the sound louder and make it perfect by controlling volume using the set volume buttons. All you need to do for controlling home devices is to have Alexa app on you smartphone installed to figure it out.

Then the setup is complete and start commanding Amazon Echo Plus, it will response you perfectly. Combining all features, Amazon Echo Plus will give a new taste of using echo.


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