10 Best over ear headphones of 2019
Best over ear headphones

10 Best over ear headphones of 2019

Finding best over ear headphones are now easy to find from here. Listening to music other audio files on Smartphone or computers has now been most popular among the people in different ages around the world with the advancement in the modern technology.

There are number companies out there in the markets producing different technology products.  Each of them wants to make their products more quality and attractive to the customers.  In this case, the difference in the quality and shape are noticed.  Among these several items, choosing the best one from a range of items is so hard.

We are here to make it easy to find the best one. You are required to decide whether you want to buy wireless headphones, cheaper or expensive but better quality, noise-cancelling or overall best sound quality. Then, it will be easy t find the best one for you.

While buying a over-ear headphone, you must think of the ear health in order to keep ears safe and sound. You need to find the best one that fits your ears best and brings no harms to ear-health. From a range best over ear headphones, we have listed and reviewed here some items which are tested by experts those will not be any cause of damages to your ear-health.

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 series II

When you are looking for a comfortable headphone with perfect noise-cancellation, then the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II can be the best option for you in the markets where a good ranges of products available.

Its attractive design and shape will not only fit with ears perfectly but also produces decent sound while playing music or playing games on the device such as Smartphone,  Laptops etc for example.

As per the design, it is available in two colors as black and silver which is awesome and mind blowing attractive color matching with the design. The control panel is associated with the ear caps from where you can control volume, control calls if paired with Smartphone, controlling voice command as it comes with built in Alexa Virtual Assistant.

You just command the devices to select which song will play it will find and start playing to give fun.It is one of the best devices in respect of noise cancellation. Noise cancellation works perfectly whether you are in a plane or crowded train. Built in Alexa will answer you if ask it about you want know.

The wireless system can work for long 20 hours with the single charge in the device. 20 hours of backup provides you an extra value to use this device without any interval. After all, the sound quality and design with this device will not make you disappointed.

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2. Sennheiser HD 800

If you are looking for headphone that is excellent in the overall conditions whether the price is, then Sennheiser HD 800 can be the best choice. The price of the device is uncommonly higher but its design; sounds, bass and the overall performance are as expected as the price of the device. It comes with open-back design weighing 330g and 3m cable which perfect is size.

The sound quality is superb along with the incredibly detailed and beautifully balanced providing excellent comforts while listening to audio. Therefore, if you need awesome but expensive headphones, Sennheiser HD 800 can be the best ever on the planet.

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3. Bose 700

One of the well companies producing audio devices is Bose. When they come up with a new device or headphones, people become interested to their products as these devices are expected to be the best by them and satisfy the customers as they expect.

Among a range of devices, Bose 700 is one of the well designed and simply attractive headphones that provide extra comforts while listening to audio on Smartphone or computers. It produces clear sounds removing the background sounds.

The leather wrapped ear cups stand on the ear perfectly and help feel comfortable without being hitting while listening for a long time. It comes with the stainless-steel headband and premium sound production.

Therefore, combing all the components such as ear cups, headband, sounds combination, the Bose 700 can be an awesome choice considering the price tag.

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4. Jabra Elit 85h

Over the years, Jabra has been one of the best companies in the world producing Smartphone or computer peripheral. Recently, it has provided greater attention on the Bluetooth headphones or earbubs. Jabra Elit 85h is one of the noticeable Smartphone or computer accessories which are needed almost daily life to listening to music or playing videos or playing video games.

It also allows having clear phone calls which are attracted to most of the audio consumers.While listening to the music or enjoying videos on the devices putting the over ear headphone on the ear, you can have a broader range of sounds in different frequencies starting from 10 MHz to 20Mhz.

Jabra has also included smartsound technology which provides you the opportunity of hearing clear and comfortable sounds.  Smartsound technology works with 10 microphones to optimize the environment according to the response. It also lasts for 30 hours of battery backup which helps you to save time from charging the device repeatedly.

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5. JBL E55BT Wireless Headphones

If you are looking for an over ear headphone that is considered to be best based on the configuration along with the price tags in the markets, then JBL E55BT Wireless Headphones can be the best choice for you. Finding a device like that matching the price tag is not so easy and JBL E55BT is one of the rare pieces in this respect.

With the help of 50mm dynamic drivers, the device produces clear and premium sounds as the premium level along with the same quality in the high and low range sounds.

While comparing with the high price devices, you can notice little difference in respect of noise cancellation and sound quality. This device produces sounds at the satisfactory level that you are getting clear and noise free with the help of sound isolation.

Because of made of plastic, it does not seem to be heavy on the head and ear. It is comfortable to wear on the ears as the headband is made of fabric and the ear cups are also comfortable. Therefore, comparing the price tag, this one can be the best for you if you are not planning to spend a lot in buying a over ear headphone considering the lower prices.

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6. Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature HiFi Headphones

There are many companies in the world producing different products in the audio technology fields. Along with the few others, Bowers and Wilkins is even now the market leaders in this field. The brand reputation has grown to the highest for the proper combination between the quality and design.

One of the products of the Bowers and Wilkins is P9 Signature Hifi Heeadphone. It has broken the traditional black color of the devices. It comes with the Retro Brown color which has very attractive look along with its design. It is a unique design of a headphone in the markets and its quality is as good as the design.

The ear cups are made of brown color leather which stand on ears comfortably and provides comfortable feelings while listening to audio.   The rest of the headphones without the ear cups are made of aluminum which provides the noise free audio listening experiences reducing the vibration. There are 40mm drivers in each of the ear cups which are slightly angled to inwards in order to provide more natural listening experiences. Therefore, it is one of the best headphones based on the color, design and quality.

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7. Focal Elegia Reference Headphones

As being closed-back headphones, Focal Elegia is one of the best one under the price range and even this item is rare in the markets. This device actually produces decent sound quality and it provides the users with the privacy of listening to audio more than that of the open-back headphones in the markets.

The ear cups are not too heavy because of microfiber. The whole device is raped with the leather. The headband is also of aluminum frame that is not so heavy to carry on the heads and ear cups match with the ears comfortably as these are angled inwards.

The closed-back headphone is noise free because of the proper sound isolation system with the device. Though, it sometimes get hot for long time use, it is normally acceptable as it is an electronic devices. The hitting of the device is not overwhelming and uncomfortable. The bass with the sound is also in excellent quality which provides better audio listening experiences.

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8. BeyerDynamic DT 1990 Pro

One of the best sound producing headphones is Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro. It can be used in both at home and studio for listening for analytical purposes. It provides you with the great sense of space as this device is open back designed.

The audio engineers prefer this device as it provides them with the opportunities of end-to-end sounds and its bass. Therefore, this device is considered to be the best one under this price range based on the design, style, sound combination and components also.

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9. Philips Fidelio X2

Philips Fidelio X2 is an open back headphone weighing .85 pounds. It comes with the 9.8 feet long cable and dynamic drivers. As it is a wired headphone, you should not worry about the battery backup of the device.

You just need plug in and start listening to the audio. It is superb combination of ear cups, headband, style and design, sound bass and frequencies.

It can produce premium sounds which the most valued headphones sometimes cannot do. Th price range is also cheaper than some other headphones like Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II, Jabra Elite 85h and so on. Comparing to these devices in respect of the price range, Philips Fidelio X2 will not disappoint you in respect of sounds and comforts.

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10. Sennheiser HD 599

Among the wired headphones, Sennheiser HD 599 comes with the superb combination of the sound quality and design being the best style under the price range. The whole headphone is very comfortable to wear as the headband is made with exceptional padding. The ear cups along with the headband are wrapped with the leather that provides comforts at the higher level.

It produces the sounds with the proper combination of bass and frequencies. As the headphone is wired, there is no need of a battery backup and you must not be worry about the backup time. In the overall sense, the design is awesome and the audio is as good as it looks. The premium components of the device are perfectly adjusted with the devices.

While buying a headphone you need think off some factors such as wired or wireless, sound combination with frequencies, noise-cancellation, components of the devices, prices etc. the above devices are taken as the best from a range of items produced by different companies producing audio devices.

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