10 Best Power Banks Review: best for buying in 2019
Best Power Banks

10 Best Power Banks Review: best for buying in 2019

It has been a greater problem for the Smartphone user not to have long time charge or battery backup with the phone. The users can find the best power banks to recharge their smartphones. It seems to be very boring when your battery is low but you are in middle of work on the phone.

Even you may think of throwing it to the dust being bored with beloved phone. In this case, you should not worry about that because there is a better solution to solve this problem. Thinking these disappointing points, many companies are bringing external battery backups for your phone which may help you get rid of the problem.

There are a lot of USB battery back up there produced but many Companies that you may become confused o that. What you have to do is to evaluate the features of different products and Models in order to decide before you make an actual buy. To make understand which one will be best for you we have listed and reviewed about products that can help you buy the best one for you best device.

1. RAV power 26800mAh

If you are looking for USB battery to charge your Smartphone in very faster way, RAV Power can be the best choice.  I designed with three ports allow you to work simultaneously. It is really a device having too much capacity to hold power.

You can charge your iPhone 7 for seven times with a single charge with RAV power. Its overall shape and design is excellent that it is built with scratch resistant which can protect the device from being scratched or making visiting spots on the device.

It comes with 5.5 mm charging system that allow charging your device within very short time and faster similar to charge our device with the wall charger. It can charge your device such as iPhone 7 within an hour.

That means it is great feature of the device that save your time. There is also blue light indicator that allows you to see the level power in the battery.  It weighs one pound that not so heavy to carry with you wherever you go. It will not be a burden for you we think.

It comes with black matte case that will protect the device from being broken scratched as it is covered with scratch resistant materials. Therefore, under this price range, RAV Power 26800 mAh can be your best choice if need too much capacity of power.

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2. Easy Acc Monster 26000 mAh

Easy Acc Monster comes with 26,000 mAh battery capacity and four USB ports and it will give the opportunity of getting output of 4.8 amps. It allows several devices you be charged at the same time but its charging speed may be slow that can happen in every USB battery devices for backup.

There are also two micro-USB ports which can be used to increase the charging time for single or double devices at the same time.

If you are on a long trip with your family and the all of them need power back up for their Smartphone, then it can supply power as backup to their devices. Their phones can be charged with these devices on trip in order to save time and money and enjoy the moment with dears.

There is built in flash lights that help you understand the level battery capacity or charges. The LED lights also inform you whether it requires to charge or not on the demand. One of the features is really exciting that it ensures the internal safety which means there no possibility of damages to your devices due to short circuit inside and any other damages to the power bank.

Besides these this device comes with the opportunities of efficient charging to the Smartphone. Therefore, if you need to buy a battery capacity backup, it can be the best one on which you can rely on.

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3. Anker Power Core + Mini

If you are looking for a USB charger which is mostly portable and comfortable to carry with that takes small space in the bag, then Anker Power Core+ Mini can be the best for you. It is very small in size that does not makes you bored to carry with you.

But you can charge your Smartphone like iphone 7, galaxy S7 for once as it comes with 3550 mAh capacity. The charging time may be slower than any other power banks listed in the review. Under the price range, it can be very useful for having a good back up for your devices when you are in the long journey.

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4. Jackery Giant + Portable Power Bank

One of the best fitting portable power banks is Jackery Giant+portable power bank. It comes with 12,000 mAh battery capacity that fully makes you happy while charging your devices through two output ports.

It allows charging two devices at the same time not making charging time slower. You can charge both the Smartphone and iPod with this device at the same time.

The output ports of the devices are 3.4 amp that fits any Smartphone devices to charge and provides fast and full charging capacity which makes it faster to charge devices within very short time.

The device can last longer along with the 500 times rechargeable cycles. It is also attractive in design which has two output charging ports along with the single port for charging it perfectly. Finally, overall design and performance will help you save time even you are much busy.

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5. Anker Astro E7

One of the best USB batteries in the market is Anker Astro E7 which comes with 26800 mAh capacity which means a huge amount of capacity charge devices such as iphone for seven times. In compare with the capacity it is not in such a size that can be boring to carry with.

It is in adaptable suitable size. It comes with 3 output ports outputting overall 4amps but to remember that it provides 3amps of opportunities through a single port which ensures the fast charging for your Smartphone devices saving your valuable time.

The device has been packaged exactly same as a Smartphone that seems to be as easy as carrying a Smartphone with. Like other smart devices, it has unique feature with the device that is mobileIQ which protect the device from being damaged from internal short circuit which saves both the USB battery and Smartphone.

Because of the mobileIQ technology, the device can adapt the setting automatically and provides the volts to the phone suitable for it. In respect of compatibility, it is compatible with most of the Smartphone charged with USB such as iPhones, nexus 7 and so on.

Therefore, the overall performance of the device is excellent and it can keep a huge back as its capacity is larger than most other devices in the markets. While you are in a long journey, it will be like a best friend when your phone is out of charge on the way.

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6. Rav power

When you are in the need of a larger capacity of battery, you have no doubt to choose the RAV Power which comes with the lager battery capacity of 16750 mAh. It comes in 5″ x 3″ dimension which is easy to carry. It provides you the opportunity of charging your device faster than any other devices in the markets.

It allows charging the mobile phones through two ports that supplies 4.5 amps capacity to the devices connected to charge. This can a be a great battery backup for charging your device in faster ways and you can carry wherever you are even in the long journey you seem to have a backup capacity of battery to recharge the Smartphone.

RAV Power is the best for its durability that allows 500 times charging that is considered to be a huge period of time that the user can use the device. Its overall design is attractive to the users that look very quality and awesome. There are some LED lights for indicating the level of charge in the battery. And for sure, it helps you understand the time to recharge the device.

Another greater feature of the device is that it can detect the amperage of the connected devices and provides the suitable volts to these devices in order to save the devices from any internal danger.

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7. Anker PowerCore II

The Anker is one of the growing companies producing products in the technology sectors and has already been known to the world for its quality and price range of the products. Anker PowerCore II is manufactured by such reputable company.

It comes with the 10,000mAh capacity and compatible almost all the phones from different brands such as iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 6, Sony Xperia Z, Google Nexus 5, Nexus 7 etc for example.

The LED lights set on the power bank indicate the level of charge but the ports are limited to one which means you can use only one port to charge your Smartphone.

In comparison with the mAh, the size is perfect for the device to carry around you. You can be able to charge your iPhone 7 for three times for example. When you are trip, it can help you add some charge to your devices to keep it alive.

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8. Ravpower Universal Power Bank Travel Charger

One of the best but not cheaper power banks in the markets is RAVpower universal power bank travel charger. It comes with 20,100 mAh capacity that allows you not charge your Smartphone but also Macbook pro.

You charge both of your devices at the same time. Or if you want, you can chargethe single devices for many times such an apple iphone can be charged for seven times. This device allows you charge laptop once that is a great feature of the device being a USB battery for Smartphone.

With the help of USB Type-C port or iSmart USB port, both the devices can be charged at the same time. But if you connect a single device, it will never slow you down to charge he device.

Also under this price range of the USB battery devices, the RAVpower Universal Power bank can be the best choice for you to use for your devices perfectly saving your devices from any kinds of internal damages that can happen because of the faults in both devices.

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9. AUKEY Power bank 20000mAh

AUKEY Power Bank comes with 20,000mAh capacity that is a considered to be huge capacity in comparison with other devices in the markets. It avails the micro-USB cables to charge your smartphones along with two ports of charge output.

Using the duel ports with the help of USB cables, you can charge two devices at the same time. Its durability is also last longer and you can buy this product to use for a long time which means you are not going to buy repeatedly within very short time and wasting your money on this purpose.

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10. PowerAdd Pilot 4GS

PowerAdd Pilot 4GS comes with 12,000 mAh capacity and it is easily portable power bank. Under the cheaper price range, it can be one of the best power banks in the markets along with decent battery life.

It weighs about 274g which is very slit to carry anywhere in the backpack or pockets. Though the item is not listed in the hot products, but it can be useful to charge your Smartphone to keep it live for some extra hours. It is compatible with almost all the iPhones except X Series, Samsung S6 edge.

Though, it comes with the iPhone charging cables but it can be used to charge other branded devices with the help of other USB cables. It also comes with duel ports which enable you to charge two devices at same time but it is required to connect one device to charge the phone with higher speed. The LEDs lights on the top help you to realize the level charge of the power bank and when to recharge the battery.

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