Best USB C Cables- You can choose in 2019

Best USB C Cables- You can choose in 2019

It is to be assumed that some of you are tired of selecting and buying more cables but these cables are not durable for long time. You are now confused to buy the best USB C cables for your Smartphone that which one will be best for you.

We are going to introduce some best USB C cables on which you may relay on. After an in-depth research, we have founded these USB Type-C cables and hope that it will meet you demands.

A proper selection of cable is so much important. We have mentioned the pros and cons of every cable after experiments that will assist you in deciding whether it meet your desires or not. The proper combination of pros and cons can assure you the best USB cables for you and enjoy durability.

1. Anker Powerline USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable

With the help of Anker Powerline USB-C cable, you can be able to charge your device by connecting with the computer standard USB port and USB-C supported charger adapter. Along with the charging opportunities, it can also be used to transfer data at 5Gbps which is faster.

Anker powerline is made up of double braided exteriors aramid fiber core that ensures it incredible long time durability. It supports different devices from Samsung Galaxy Series such as Note 8, S8, S8+ and so on. This cable supports these devices at maximum charging speeds.

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2. BrexLink USB-C Cable

Brexlink USB-C cable is one of the best cables for those who are looking for a cable with the fast charging supporting and long cables for their devices. It is covered with Nylon-braided jackets that can protect the cables from crush due bending the cables that support 6000 bending.

Because of its length, your phone can be connected from distance with the charger plug-in even from your bed while using the Smartphone. This long lasting and durable cable comes with the 24 months of warranty. Its one of the main amazing features is the 5V high volt high speed charging along with supporting 480Mbps data transfer rate.

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3. Anker USB-C to Lighting Cable

When thinking of buying durable type c cables especially for apple iphone, Anker USB-C cables will be best for them to connect their iphone with available in two colors as black and white.

In the respect of durability, Anker ensures 12times longer than the other USB C cables in the marketplace. It will provide you extra bonus as lifetime warranty and fast syncing and tranfering data at 480 Mbps. This lighting cable will best fit for iphone and mac laptops or even for iPad pro to charge your device at faster speed and transfer your data at high speed.

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4. Google USB-C to USB-C Cable

Among the cables in the markets, Google USB-C cable is little more expensive compared with other cables in the markets. Supporting the fast charging mode, Google USB-C cable is 6 feet long that is expected by most of the smartphone users as it connect the device little bit long distance.

Google USB-C usually delivers 60w at 3A which is considered to be better for charging supported devices at the fast speed. You should not be worry about the data transfer rate. If offers data transfer at the speed of up-to 480Mbps which is standard with fast charging cables or ideal cable.

One thing to clear, that the charging time will depend on your device charger but the cable is compatible with both fast charging charger and slow charging charger. Therefore, you can use it for charging you phone with fast charger and transfer data from your computer to phone or phone to computer at the higher speed.

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5. Cable Matters Ultra Slim Series

When you are looking for a quality cable but saving some money, then you can choose Cable Matters Ultra Slim Series. These cables are very attractive at the budget prices and provides comparatively better services than those which are higher costlier.

In respect of data transfer rate, this cable is just awesome under this price. It offers 480Mbps data transfer rate which is normally available in higher pricy cables. The cable is covered with the TPE jackets which provide the cable with extra protection from being bent or broken.

Having an attractive design it contains 56K OHMs which usually involves in protecting your devices and keep it safe while charging and data transferring. Even the cables cannot be broken or damage if you repeatedly plug-in with connecting devices.

Therefore, cable matters ultra slim series is considered to be the best one to buy in the current marketplace under this budget along with having a bunch of advantages available.

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6. Ravpower C-to – C Cable

When are planning to buy a cables emphasizing on fast charging and syncing between the two devices such as MacBook and smartphone, then you can the Ravpower C-to-C cable. It will support more than 12000 times in respect of bending that means it will not be easily bent or damage except heavy pressure on the cable.

Having the faster data transfer and syncing speed, this cable is preferable for fast charging for some of the phones which supports fast charging. For getting maximum charging speed, one should use USB PD which offers 60W.

Therefore, besides offering such advantages, it also offers 18 month warranty under which it can be replaced if damaged for its own reasons. It’s amazing that you are getting a new one at the time of replacement.

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7. Bigear USB-C Cable

The Bigear USB-C cable comes with different sizes such as 10 feet, 6 feet and 3 feet long. From a range of high quality cables, it provides with more comfort and flexibility as you are going to choose one from different sizes.

The cables are bending-tested but it scores are not high as the other high quality cables have. It supports on 5000 times bending. But the company offers you a great opportunity of 100 percent refunding due to unsatisfactory occurrence with the cable.

Though, the wires are covered with the nylon but its bending-testing times are lower. But it can be a good choice for those who are planning to buy cables especially at the lower prices.

8. Moshi Integra USB-C Cable

Moshi is specially known for its attractive and incredible design. It designed with the LED light that indicates whether the phone is being charged or it has been fully charged. The LED light is the main attraction of the cables that attain the concentration of the most of the users. This cable is covered with the Nylon and designed with aluminum plugs.

Though the data transfer rate is common cables have as 480Mbps but using a USB PD, you can have fast charging opportunity at 100W that is the maximum charging delivery.

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9. AUKEY USB-C Cable

Being compatible with the both the USB-C and USB 2.0, AUKEY USB-C cable is awesome and available in 3.3 feet size. The company offers bundle purchases like other companies at the comparatively lower prices.

The cables usually transfer data at the 5Gbps. To pun an experiment on 30GB size file in transferring though this cables, surprisingly it takes only 5.5 minutes to be completely transferred that a usually USB 2.0 cables takes more than about 20 minutes to be done.

The jacket covering the cables are really outstanding that supports for 5000 times bending before any scratch on the cables and also the plugs with this cable offers you the opportunities inserting for 10000 times efficiently and effectively without any problems.

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10. Choetech USB-C Cable

Choetech is one of the best companies offering wireless chargers and USB-C Cables at the lower prices. If are looking for cables at the lower prices whether plugs plastic or aluminum, then Choetech USB-C cable can be your best choice. Using a PD charger, you can get 3A power for you phone to be charged at little bit fast charged.

These cables are available in bundle package which are in three different sizes as 6.6 feet, 3.3 feet and 1.6 feet. The longest one can charge your device little bit slowly as the wire are longer and charging power can flow little bit slowly.

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11. BRG USB-C Cable

If you desire for a cable having an outstanding design and data transfer rate, then you can choose the BRG USB-C Cable that will give you satisfactory feelings in both respects. The cables are available totally in three sizes featuring 6 feet, 4 feet and 1 foot. The cable is covered with the nylon which ensures up to 10000 bending times.

The cables come with the outstanding connectors which are similar to those of the Apple MacPro that will give you feel better with the cables. The data transfer rate is up-to 480Mbps and it can charge the device at maximum 2.4A.

Therefore, though the fast charging capacity is 2.4A, its other features such as bending times, data transfer rate are at the high position.

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12. Sathechi USB-C to USB-C Cable

Though, Sathechi USB-C cables can charge any phone with the fast charging but it will be ideal for MacPro or iPad Pro. Being covered with the Nylon it ensures the longer durability and 480Mbps data transfer rate. It can deliver 100W if you use a PD while charging your devices.

13. Covery USB-C Cable

Most of the users of smartphone tend to have short cables which are make them free from being bored with the longer tails with the cables. It sometimes creates problems in carrying it out and connecting devices. In this case, Covery USB-C cable offers four pack bundle cables which are short and available in affordable prices.

The cables are tested and allow 10000 bending times, higher as compared to most of the cables in the markets, that will allow you use without any hassle for a long time not buying a cable again and again. Being protected by 56K OHM registors, it offers you 480Mbps data transfer speed. Under the affordable price tag, these cables are very effective in respect of fast charging.

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These cables are mainly featured with the fast charging, Nylon jacket for protecting from being bent or broken badly, aluminum heads. The cable is 6 feet long that gives opportunity to establish connection between two devices from an affordable distance. Being allowed to be bent for 10000 times it ensures its long durability and allowing 480Mbps.

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15. Belkin 3.1 USB-A to USB-C Cable

If you are looking for a cable supporting both USB-C and USB-A 3.1, then you are here with the right choice. Belkin offers you these advantages. It can transfer data at 10Gbps rate. It is compatible with the devices those support USB-C. It can charge your deliver maximum power as 3A through the cable that will charge the device at the maximum fast charging speed.

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Therefore, finding a best USB c cable has been easy for you from here. You need to select and purchase the cables that you think it will meet your needs and demands. If you have one of the best cable, it is sure that you are going to enjoy your moments with joy.

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