Smartphone Buying Guide- Tips to Buy Best One
smartphone buying guide

Smartphone Buying Guide- Tips to Buy Best One

In the age modern science and technology, we cannot think of a day with a smartphone in our day to day life. It has made our life easier making most of the things we need every day very closer to us. A smartphone plays a great role in helping us as now it is not only a device for communication but also for a essential assistant starting from entertaining us to buying products online from home and get the deliver at home.

Buying online products from home have now been widespread worldwide with the expansion of use of smartphone by billions of users around the world. But it has bad effects too on human being.

Coming to the point, we are going to giving a smartphone buying guide which is to be considered at the time of selecting and buying a perfect smartphone. Some sides of the products are to be emphasized and some others are to be ignored to by the desired phones as the all products do not suit the budget perfectly and therefore it happens.

Things to consider while buying a smartphone

Choosing an operating system (OS)

smartphone buying guide

Though are many operating systems for the mobile in the marketplace at present. Among the numbers, Android and iOS are the most popular and valuable operating systems. Android OS is compatible with the all the android smartphones such as Google pixel series, Samsung series and so on. iOS is only run on iPhones produced by Apple such as iPhone XS.

Android is the most customizable operating system and easy to use. If you have the experience of using google map, google playstore, gmail, then the android smartphone will meet your satisfaction. The smartphones with android operating system are popularly cheaper in the marketplace.These smartphones  are designed in order to reach a wide range marketplace around the world to reach the many more customers to meet their needs and demands.

iOS operating system is specially designed for the iPhones. This operating system is more secure and unique as this operating system is compatible only with the iPhones from Apple. The apps on from apple store are compatible with only the iOS operating system and no customization is available.Using these apps is comparatively harder than android apps. Accessories with the iOS are also limited while the android smartphones are wider options to choose from.

Features to consider

It is important to choose the smartphones with the combination of all features. But it is very difficult to find a phone with the all the features are at the highest quality. For highlighting processor and display, other parts such as camera, storage may not be at the highest level quality.

In addition, if you are passion for working performance of the phone, then you should focus on the processor and chipset. If you are very interested to buy the phone with the purposes of photographic works, then keeping the required speed of processor, you should focus on the camera.

Screen size and resolution

smartphone buying guide

Selecting appropriate screen size is so hard because you select the size which one fits the most, you feel comfortable with as the bigger screen size can sometimes makes you bored to carry with you. You may feel comfortable for some days as it produces opportunities of enjoying videos on at large size, reading books or browsing internet.

Only one thing is boring that is carrying. We usually recommend for the smartphones which are 5 inches to 5.5 inches which are easy to carry and best for performing all kinds of activities. In respect of resolution, Full HD displays are preferable. It will produces videos and pictures very sharp that will give you a chance of enjoying high definition videos. Perhaps, the 1920×1080 size screen resolution is good for doing anything on the devices.

It will support 1080p videos which will produce sharpness enough to enjoy high definition videos. At present, full HD OLED screens are mostly preferable which iPhone and some other companies are offering such as Samsung but you should think of budget too.

Overall design

smartphone buying guide

The over design should match with you demand and use habit. If you feel comfort in using on one-hand, then you should think of the phone that will make you feel comfortable. Most of the phones are now user friendly.

The fingerprint sensor is set on the back in good position that makes it easy to use. Some of them have less bezel but you should be very careful to protect the phone from being crushed. Therefore, the bezel less phones should be used very carefully.

Level of performance

The performance of a smartphone is dependent on processor and RAM. Both the parts of the phone play important roles in giving a better performance for your phone. In respect of android phones, Qualcomm’s snapdragon 845 is the master of all chipset in the android phones.

But the price can be higher for higher performing chipset. For better performance, at least 4GB RAM may be effective.  In respect apple, it is fully different because they optimize the iPhones with required capacity of RAM and they set them that these phones will be a high performers.

Latest Operating systems (OS)

Latest operating system (OS) is also important for the latest smartphone. The iphones users get iOS on their phones but the android users do not. Some of the android smartphone come with android OS versions.

In this respect, the users of stock android get the update version when it releases for them. Android P is the latest android operating system after Oreo. If you buy android smartphone, then need to have the phone having android P.

International and external storage

Most of the latest smartphones have the enough built in internal storage such as 10GB, 32GB and so on. You have to emphasize on the internal storage as the apps are to be install in international storage that needs more storage.

And most of the smartphone allow increasing the storage by adding external MicroSd cards that you can upgrade based on the smartphone support.

Battery capacity

Good battery capacity helps you to use the phones for long time. The screen size can impact on the battery life. If the screen size is bigger, then the charge runs out faster.

While buying the smartphone, you are to think of mAH on the configuration that provides you a good indication as most of the smartphone are now designed with non-removable battery. You cannot separate the battery easily like those phones in the earlier times.

Lasting period/ durability

While buying a smartphone, you also need to think of the durability. The latest phone comes with glass on its front and back. You must be careful of using and try to never fall it down as it will be crushed. Glass protectors and back covers will help in this as the protection.

Charging mode

There are two types of charging mode with the phones. Most of them support normal charging mode but the latest phones are coming with the fast charging mode. Fast charging mode will help you saving your time as the phone is charged faster or within few minutes.

Other considerations

Company reputation

There are some prominent and reputed smartphone producing companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony etc. Xiaomi has been come to the market as rapid growing company serving in some countries.

You can search on internet for review on these companies and their reputation. It will help you get the best companies to choose from which you can buy your most desired smartphone.

Understanding what users saying about it

One of the best ways to know about the company reputations or even about the phones is analyzing the opinions of the real time users. Users around the world are discussing the matter in different facebook groups, blogs, forums with the experiences. You can evaluate these opinions and ask them about your necessities regarding the product. They will inform you about the reality of the products.

Final decisions

It’s your time to decide on what you are going to do. You have been known about the cameras, battery life, performance and many other features. Now, you can decide to purchase the products and use with enjoyment.

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